Helping Your Kids Learn Good Dental Care Habits

Learning proper oral care at a young age can really set a child up for success. The dental care your child receives will make a huge difference in their oral development and their overall health. The earlier they learn good habits and routines, the better their teeth will develop, and the better foundation of habits they will have to follow them through life. At Central Ozarks Medical Center, it is our goal to help parents and kids learn how to establish excellent routines for oral care from the beginning. If you would like to hear some easy tips on how to get your child on board with great dental care habits, we have some to share with you in today’s blog.

Picking the Right Toothbrush
Whether you pick an electrical or manual toothbrush, choosing a child-sized toothbrush with soft bristles is important for several reasons. A smaller brush will allow your child to reach their back teeth more easily, and the soft bristles can be more effective and prevent the damage that hard bristles can potentially cause. In addition, kids’ toothbrushes come in fun shapes and colors to make it more interesting and personalized for your child. That can get them more excited when it is time to brush their teeth each day.

Daily Hygiene
Throughout the day, food and plaque can build up on your child’s teeth. If left on the surface of the teeth, it can lead to decay of the tooth enamel. If the tooth enamel is penetrated, it can be painful for your child and damaging to his or her teeth. That is why removing the food and daily plaque buildup with proper brushing twice a day and flossing once a day it’s so essential for your child’s oral care.

Eating Habits That Help
Some foods are harder on your child’s teeth than others. Foods with a lot of sugar and those that are more acidic can be more damaging to your child’s teeth. Sticky candies and food can be particularly bad. Sugary foods should be considered more of a treat than a daily part of your child’s diet. As you teach your child about good nutrition and how it is important for their overall health, teach them the importance of healthy snacks and food options for their teeth as well. Then show them how tasty those foods can be by serving them for their afterschool and summertime snacks.

Have Regular Check-Ups
Routine dental checkups are essential when it comes to monitoring your child’s oral health. It is recommended to have a checkup every six months. This will not only help you spot any problems that may occur early, but it also allows your child to become comfortable going to the dentist and develop a relationship with your dental provider. Your dentist in mid-Missouri also has the opportunity to reinforce what you’re teaching your child about good oral health and daily routines.

Have Fun Together
The more fun you make the whole process of establishing good oral healthcare habits, the more your child will be attracted to the idea of taking care of their teeth. Let them get involved with making their own snacks and play with creating different shapes and characters. Sing songs or play music while they brush their teeth to teach them how long they should spend doing it. Make a competition on who remembers to brush their teeth and floss without being asked. Get excited about going to the dentist and help your child look forward to seeing him or her again!

We Support You!

Dental care providers in central Missouri applaud you for working with your child at an early age to teach him or her good dental hygiene. We are here to support you and take care of all your dental care needs. We provide family dental services in Camdenton, Richland, and Eldon Missouri as well as dentures and restorative services. You can find contact information for each location at by scrolling to the bottom of our homepage. Reach out to schedule a dental appointment for your child at one of our dental clinics in Eldon, Richland, or Camdenton. Keep up the good work helping your child have a clean and healthy smile!

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