4th of July Fireworks Safety Tips

Fourth of July is coming up this weekend and Central Ozarks Medical Center wants to help you celebrate in the most safe and fun ways! Check out some tips to keep top if mind this 4th of July Weekend!

There is no fun without safety involved. Your health is always our number one priority.

If you’re near Mid-Missouri looking to get fireworks, make sure you prepare yourself fully and take the correct precautions.

However, if firework injuries occur, our medical staff near mid-Missouri is more than prepared to help.


• Fireworks should be used ONLY outdoors. Further, keep away from your home, buildings, or any other tall structures.
• Only one firework should ever be lit at a time.
• Always keep a bucket of water or a water supply nearby.
• Read the label and firework instructions thoroughly and follow them
• If you have pets, keep them indoors.
• Keep toddlers and infants a reasonable distance away from the fireworks.
• Do NOT carry fireworks in your pockets.
• Do NOT light fireworks in your hand.
• Do NOT throw fireworks.
• Make sure an adult is always lighting the fireworks.
• After fireworks have gone off, allow them to sit for 20 minutes minimum before putting them in water for 10 minutes.

Prepare days in advance of your upcoming firework session and thoroughly read over the provided list above.

The goal is to practice safety before our team at COMC has to step in.

We wish you the happiest and most enjoyable Fourth of July.

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