Per our last blog, we discussed immunity strengthening foods for an ultimately healthy life. Now, at the Central Ozarks Medical Center we would like to discuss healthy lifestyle habits you can pick up to maximize your life.

These healthy lifestyle tips not only help to strengthen your immune system, but also, aid in the longevity of your life. Obviously, no one is perfect and it’s not just as easy as reading this blog and it applies to your life. You have to want to make these changes in your life, as well.

  1. Wake up with purpose

Many Americans find themselves “going through the motions,” rather than living their fullest life. If you’ve ever found yourself to be on autopilot mode, it’s most likely because you lost your sense of purpose.

It’s one thing to find your sense of purpose, but another to remind yourself of your sense of purpose.

What makes you tick? If money weren’t an obstacle and you could do something every day for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Once you’re able to confidently state your purpose in life, create habits to fulfill that purpose every day.

2. Have a proper sleep cycle

In a generation full of caffeine and all-nighters, many forget the significance of sleep. It genuinely can deem our whole health.

As most know, lack of sleep can affect our mood and concentration levels. However, what a lot of us forget is that lack of sleep can cause very dangerous health problems. Stay away from getting under six hours of sleep a night!

3. Incorporate more whole foods

Taking vitamins is great. What’s even better than taking vitamins? Getting nutrients from whole foods.

Nowadays, there seems to be a cheat for everything. Outside of vitamins and eating whole foods, there is no effective substitute for nutrients.

Start replacing small things in your diet to create an overall healthier habit for yourself down the line,

4. Exercise is key

There are SO MANY ways today to find ways to get your body up and moving. Whether it be golfing or swimming or just going to the gym, these activities that increase your heart’s BPM are so beneficial.

Not only will you look amazing, but also, you’ll start noticing a significant difference in the way you feel cognitively, too.

5. Stay hydrated!

Yes, we had to end off on the ‘drink more water’ cliché. We’re reminding you because we care.

If you’re not certain why everyone constantly squawks to drink more water, it’s because it has so many different benefits you wouldn’t be able to imagine. It varies from clearing up your skin, decreasing chance of heart disease, or even just waking you up throughout the day.

COMC not only promises to help you find solutions to your medical issues, but also, we want to try our darndest to prevent them, too.

If you’re looking for any spectrum of healthcare near mid-Missouri, COMC is the place for you.

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