It’s officially summer vacay season! Whether you and your family are staying around Lake of the Ozarks or traveling to Italy, it’s best to prepare your health in advance. In fact, there are things you all can do to strengthen your immune system.

Especially after emerging from a pandemic, immunity is crucial. Obviously, eating one vegetable a week isn’t going to magically prevent you from getting sick. The best way to prevent illness or to build immunity is by improving your overall diet and lifestyle. For example, exercising, washing your hands, and a full night of sleep also aid in the process.

At Center of Ozarks Medical Center, we want to discuss a few different options you and your loved ones can add into your EVERYDAY diet to build a strong immune system.

1. Citrus Fruit

The lecture of ingesting vitamin C continues! Yes, citrus fruit contains vitamin C. Usually eating fresh citrus fruits is the best way to get vitamin C in your system.

Examples of citrus fruits you can incorporate are oranges, lemons, tangerines, and limes. Vitamin C is one of the main nutrients you need to add into your diet since we, as humans, cannot produce it on our own. That’s why humans get all of their vitamin C from external sources.

2. Broccoli

We have always been told to eat broccoli especially by our doctors. There’s good reason, too.

You guessed it! They have lots of nutrients and antioxidants. It’s considered one of the best vegetables you can eat.

In order to reap the most benefits from this superfood, try to cook it as little as possible or eat it raw.

3. Ginger

Ginger is another magical ingredient that we hear a lot. There are so many benefits from drinking or eating ginger. Besides illnesses, ginger can help with pain management and is thought to contain properties that help lower cholesterol.

Depending on the person, ginger can help tame nausea and usually is best at tackling inflammation.

4. Almonds

Vitamin C always seems to take the front seat when it comes to the immunity discussion, however vitamin E is also important. It, too, plays a role in a strong immune system and provides our bodies with healthy fats.

5. Green Tea

A lot of teas are wonderful and filled with antioxidants, however, green tea takes the cake. Green tea contains EGCG and flavonoids, two great antioxidants. These together are said to enhance immunity

6. Kiwi

Kiwi contains a lot of basic and crucial nutrients, such as, vitamin K, folate, vitamin C, and potassium. As we know, vitamin C fights off infection whereas the rest of the other nutrients maintain the body’s proper functions while fighting.

7. Carrots

Let’s add in vitamin A to the mix since it hasn’t been discussed yet. Carrots are packed full of vitamin A, which is considered the anti-inflammatory vitamin.

8. Beans

Last and certainly not least, we have, ‘beans, beans the magical fruit.’ Not only are beans a great source of protein, but also, they are filled with the amino acid, L-glutamine. L-glutamine fuels your body’s white blood cells.

As much as we love seeing you and your families, we do not want to see you in our medical center near mid-Missouri due to illness. Our COMC family wants to see you and your family to stay healthy and happy this summer.

Follow along with our blogs to get more health and lifestyle pointers to keep you out of our office more than once a year!

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