Bone loss is a common issue today. Even the younger generation struggles to maintain bone strength. Obviously, our bone health is critical for a lot of reasons. However, most want to achieve stronger bones and joints, so they avoid bone diseases.

Central Ozarks Medical Center wants to help our patients become more knowledgeable about bone health. We have put together three simple and critical ways to build bone strength.

In the case that you already struggle with bone health, enlist your local medical center in Lake of the Ozarks for help on what to do next.

Add Calcium

Each age group is recommended a different dosage of calcium each day. Either ask your doctor or research the right amount for you. Once you understand the amount needed for you, implement that amount into your daily eating routine.

You can find good sources of calcium in almonds, broccoli, kale, salmon, and tofu. There are many more foods out there with great sources of calcium, but here are just a few. If you can’t get enough in your diet, look into taking calcium supplements with your doctor.

Implement More Vitamin D

Most of the population today is deficient in vitamin D since it is something we mainly get from the sun. However, we really need higher levels of vitamin D in order to absorb calcium into our bodies.

Good sources of vitamin D can be found in a lot of fish, mushrooms, and eggs. There are also a lot of cereals on the market with good amounts of vitamin D. Otherwise, supplements are always a great option, too.

Time to Start Exercising

Exercise has many benefits to it besides increasing bone health. In this case specifically, weight-bearing movements greatly helps bone strength and prevent slow bone loss. Exercises, such as, walking, running, and walking stairs are great examples. Simple but effective!

Taking care of our health doesn’t need to be complicated. Small habits we do every day impact our lives significantly in the long run. Central Ozarks Medical Center is excited to see you and your family’s health improve over time.

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