7 Things You Can Do to Make You Feel Happier

When people ask you how your health is, normally people only respond in correspondence to their physical health. However, at medical centers like Central Ozarks Medical Center, we’re concerned about your mental health, too. We know that mental health contributes to an individual’s overall health.

We want to share with you some things that can help brighten up your day or can overall time create happier habits for you. We are not claiming that these things are a cure or way to get rid of certain disorders. Visit your local medical center near mid-Missouri if you have questions pertaining to your mental health concerns.


This is probably the dreaded tip that everyone tries to avoid. However, this can be the easiest tip to follow. Exercise doesn’t always need to be Pilates or weightlifting. The point of exercise is to move your body! Whether you want to use the stairs instead of the elevator or take a walk after dinner, these are a great way to get a few minutes of movement into your everyday routine!

Proper sleep habits

Another lecture you’re tired of hearing… Sleep 7-8 hours a night. Recent studies have showed scary results when adults sleep under the recommended average. Under sleeping can lead to things like heart disease and stroke. Imagine the kind of effect it has on your mental clarity.


Smiling is the one disease we like to catch. Smiling catches like wildfire. Whenever we see our banker smile at us or our waiter, the common subconscious thing to do is to smile back. Plus, scientists have said that smiling can trick your brain into thinking you’re happy by releasing dopamine, serotonin, AND endorphins. Even just smiling back at the mailman can switch our attitude around.

Be in nature

We are grateful to be located in such a beautiful state with beautiful scenery. Take more time to enjoy it. Doctor’s orders!

Being outside actually not only helps our mental health, but also, our physical health. In fact, it helps to reduce anger, increase memory, and create pleasant feelings.

Cherish time with family and friends

Not to get too morbid, but actually one of the top five regrets people have looking back at their life is not spending enough time with people they love. Don’t worry, several studies show it helps with your current happiness state too.

Help others

Did you know we’re suggested to take two weeks out of every year to help others? We tend to remember experiences and memories over materialistic items. The reason is because we have strong emotions correlated with memories and experiences. The same concept goes for helping others. It creates a strong emotion and therefore lasts longer in our minds. This keeps our moods booster for longer.

An attitude for gratitude

Practicing gratitude is a highly suggested and commonly used method in order to create more happiness in your life. The best way to practice gratitude is to keep a journal and try to write down things you’re grateful for daily. This helps us focus on the good in our lives rather than narrowing in on the bad.

If you have trouble making these habits for yourself, set alarms on your phone, put sticky notes on your bathroom mirror, or get an accountability buddy. Then, soon enough you’ll be on a brighter path.

Why do we care about your mental health? Overall, it helps your other health concerns improve, too. Central Ozarks Medical Center is excited for your bright future.

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