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Fun Alternative to Candy for Handing Out on Halloween

Halloween is almost here!  Whether you are taking your kids out trick-or-treating or staying home to greet trick-or-treaters, it is sure to be a fun time seeing all the kiddos in their cute costumes having a blast.  But for parents, it can be a little conflicting knowing their kids will be loading up on so much candy and sugar.  So, at Central Ozarks Medical Center, we thought we would talk about some fun alternatives that kids will love to get for Halloween.  If you have been looking for ideas on things to give out for Halloween that parents can feel good about and the little ones will enjoy, keep reading this blog.  We have put together a list of fun Halloween items just to give you some ideas for consumable treats that aren’t all sugar, as well as toys and novelty items that will give the kids something to do.

Healthier Snacks

There are some snacks you can offer that aren’t loaded with sugar.  Fruit snacks and fruit leather are much better options than candy.  Yes, there will still be sugar in them, but there will also be things like fiber and antioxidants. Apple cider packets are another consumable treat to offer, keeping in mind it is a treat and not an everyday item.  Local honey sticks are a sweet way to avoid processed sugar altogether and honey provides health benefits as well.  You might also consider popcorn balls and goldfish crackers instead of candy.  

Things to Play With

Sometimes kids are more in need of things to do than they are extra snacks to eat.  What kid doesn’t become engrossed with a container of slime … or captivated by the actions of a slinky?  Let them get some energy out with punch balloons or have fun with a bottle of bubbles.  Kids love getting colorful stickers, too!  You can even find mini glider planes and glow-in-the-dark bouncy balls for them to play with.  When you buy them in bulk, these items can be very affordable.  

Things to Wear

We have found some fun things that kids can wear that make Halloween even more festive.  Think vampire teeth, spider rings, fake mustaches, and silly Halloween-themed eyeglasses!  Or give the gift of added safety by passing out glow bracelets, LED rings, or mini flashlights. 

Things to Use

What about giving out something that will actually last, and be useful AND fun?  Pencil Top Erasers and Mini Erasers are a hit with kids, as well as Halloween Pencils, and stamp sets.  

There really are a lot of fun alternatives that kids will enjoy getting on Halloween.  Many of them last much longer than candy and can make you feel great about giving them out (or allowing your kids to have them).  At Central Ozarks Medical Center, we know that staying healthy is a lifelong goal that really starts with childhood.  The more you can teach your children healthy habits the more likely it will become a part of their lifestyle as they grow up.  Besides, kids aren’t just hungry for things to eat, they are starving for things to do … why not give them a treat that offers just that.  They will love it, and parents will too!

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