Our Locations

P.O. Box 777
Richland, MO 65559
(573) 708-7600

1652 N. Business Route 5
P.O Box 3050
Camdenton, MO 65020
(573) 346-4446

Osage Beach 
3870 Columbia Ave.
Osage Beach, MO 65065
(573) 302-7490

Richland Dental Center
304 W. Washington Ave.
Richland, MO 65556
(573) 765-2510

Richland Medical Center
304 W. Washington Ave.
Richland, MO 65556
(573) 765-5141

Mobile Medical Unit appointments can be made by calling any of the Medical Centers above.

For urgent health care needs after hours, please call: (573) 348-8000 and ask for the COMC provider on call.

Contact us with any questions

Do You Have Something You Would Like To Report?

COMC is committed to the highest levels of ethical conduct and corporate compliance. If you are concerned about something, please contact us and we will investigate your report as quickly as possible, in compliance with our personnel policy and applicable state and federal laws. There are a few ways to contact us:

Call 888-789-2124
Online Anonymous Report

Please know that all information goes solely to COMC’s Corporate Compliance Officer to ensure that your confidentiality is protected.