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Our Mission

Our mission is to increase access to comprehensive primary and preventative health care and to improve the health care status of underserved and vulnerable populations in Camden, Laclede, Miller, and Pulaski Counties. Our belief is that it is not just what we do here at Central Ozarks Medical Center, but how we do it that makes all the difference.

COMC offers a wide range of services based on the needs of the communities we serve. We pride ourselves on offering high quality healthcare regardless of insurance status.  If you are uninsured and would like to look at healthcare options, our staff is more than willing to help you navigate the process.

COMC’s goal is to keep the lack of insurance from being a roadblock to quality healthcare.
Serving Camden, Laclede, Pulaski, and Miller Counties.

Our Values & Beliefs

Our History

Central Ozarks Medical Center has been providing quality health care in Central Missouri since 1979.

Our Commitment

Central Ozarks Medical Center’s staff members are committed to leading the way to healthier communities.

Our Promise

Even better than the savings is the quality of care and concern our providers will offer to you during each visit.

About Us

Central Ozarks Medical Center is a Federally Qualified Health Center and strives to deliver quality healthcare to our communities. As a FQHC, we are non-profit and focus on medically underserved communities and bringing affordable healthcare to all.

Why should this matter to you?

Beyond having excellent Board Certified Providers, several recent studies have found that patients who regularly use community health centers, like Central Ozarks Medical Center, have lower total annual healthcare costs when compared to patients who use other primary care providers, such as HMOs, hospital outpatient units or private physicians. On an average, these studies show that the cost associated with using a community health center is 22% to 33% less expensive than using other healthcare models.

Even better than the savings is the quality of care and concern our providers will offer to you during each visit. With highly trained support staff, Central Ozarks Medical Center Providers can focus on only you and your health.

Call today to schedule an appointment!
(573) 346-4446 – Camdenton Medical and Dental
(877) 406-2662 – Eldon Dental
(573) 302-7490 – Osage Beach Medical
(573) 765-2510 – Richland Dental
(573) 765-5141 – Richland Medical
(877) 406-COMC – Toll-Free
For billing inquiries, please call: (573) 708-7600

COMC Osage Beach


COMC Camdenton


COMC Richland

 Richland Medical/ Dental Center

  • Arthur “Arch” Kalfus, DDS
  • James Fairbanks, DMD
  • John Galloway, DDS
  • Elizabeth Bowman, DO (MAT, FP-OB)
  • Kelvin Bailey, MD (FP,OB)
  • Daniel Schmidt, MD (FP,OB)
  • Barton Warren, MD (FP,OB)
  • Vicky Gulley, DO (FP)
  • Kristi Atkins, NP (FP)
  • Elizabeth Teel, PhD
  • Angela Fuller, RDH
  • Alison Koehler, RDH
  • Danette Harrington, LCSW
  • Danielle Fowers, PNP


Camdenton Medical Center/Dental Center

  • Jamie Thomas, DO (FP)
  • Michael Kirkover, MD (FP, OB, Sports Med)
  • Daniel Vogl, DDS
  • Chandler Robertson, DDS
  • Lisa King, NP (FP)
  • Terry Krantz, NP (FP)
  • Erin Sluyter, PA (FP)
  • Jaymie Rodriguez, PNP
  • Casey Page, RDH

Eldon Dental Center

  • Mark Bagby, DDS

Osage Beach Medical Center

  • Whitney Cline, DO (PED)
  • Mario Macias II, MD (OB/GYN)
  • Jamie Thomas, DO (FP)
  • Erin Rademan-Alonso, NP (FP)
  • Amber Vandiver, NP (FP)
  • Danielle Fowers, PNP

Richland & Stoutland School Clinic

  • Lynn Hall, LPC
  • Beth Melendez-Bonnot, LPC


Waynesville School Clinic

  • Charli Hartley, LPC
  • Michelle Nutter, LPC

School of the Osage Clinic

  • Todd Odell, LPC
  • Rebecca Hays, LCSW
  • Sara Barlett, LCSW
  • Mary Whitman, FNP

  • Jessica Sturgeon, MA

Laquey & Dixon School Clinic

  • Lynn Hall, LPC
  • Beth Melendez-Bonnot, LPC

Eldon School Clinic

  • Meghan Opie, CHW
  • Danielle Russell, LPC
  • Jillynn Hull, APRN, FNP-C
  • Lindsey Prater, LPN
  • Sara Barlett, LCSW

Camdenton Clinic

  • Bethany Rackers, LCSW
  • Kari Gill, LPC

Plato, Gasconade C-4 & Iberia School Clinic

  • Desiree Malam, LPC