5 Things to Consider to Boost Your Immune Health

People are always looking for ways to boost their immune system, and at Central Ozark Medical Center, we are all about that! The more you can give your body what it needs to fight what the world throws at it the better chances you have of staying healthy and recovering from any illness or injury. There are many practical things we can do in our daily lifestyle that can help us strengthen our immune system or avoid weakening it. Today’s blog will tell you about five different things you can think about to help you when trying to support your immune system.

1) Eating
Our diet can make such a big difference in our health and healing. There are foods that will actually help build your immune system by providing important vitamins and antioxidants. The more you can incorporate those into your diet on a regular basis the more your body will love you! Some of the better immune boosting foods include:
-Red Bell Peppers
-Seafood (Shellfish in particular)

2) Drinking
Drinking alcohol, especially in excess, can have a negative effect on your immune system. That doesn’t mean that you have to avoid alcohol completely, but it is important to drink in moderation if you choose to do so.

3) Exercising
Staying active and exercising on a regular basis is another way to help support your immune system. If you are too busy to go to the gym regularly, try a quick and simple workout at home. Either way, put it on your schedule so it becomes part of your regular routine. If that won’t work look for ways to use your lunch or breaks at your job to take a quick walk or do some lunges or squats or stretching, etc. Take care of your body, so it can take care of you!

4) Stressing
As you might imagine and have probably felt personally, stress can directly affect your immune system. When you get drained from being under a lot of pressure and stress, it makes it harder for your body to resist threats to your health. If you find it difficult to avoid stress or to de-stress, try learning some deep breathing exercises, and meditation. Journaling may be another great technique to help you process your stress. Keep in mind at COMC, we have knowledgeable and compassionate behavioral health therapists in Central Missouri who can help you learn ways to avoid and process stress in healthier ways.

5) Sleeping
It’s amazing how many of us neglect sleep when we would never let our cell phone run out of battery. It’s important to recharge yourself just as it much as it is to recharge your phone. Just like with stress, the more you wear your body down, the harder it is for your immune system to remain strong. A common threat to people’s sleep is the use of electronic devices up to and during bedtime. You are much better off if you stop using your electronic device 30 minutes before you go to bed and do not use it as a way to try to wind down. While it seems natural, and tempting, the fact is it can rob you of sleep.

Take Charge of YOUR Immune Health!
We encourage you to consider these tips and try to make them a part of your daily lifestyle. The more these immune boosting habits become part of your regular activity, the more consistently you will be able to rely on your immune system to protect you and have what it needs to fight when it matters. For all your health care services in mid-Missouri, we want you to know we are here for you. Our mission is to make sure no one in the areas we serve are unable to access healthcare because of their insurance status. If you have challenges accessing healthcare services, reach out to one of our health clinics in the Lake of the Ozarks area and see how we can help. We hope you enjoy these tips, and we invite you to stay in touch with us to hear more helpful information about staying healthy and accessing high quality healthcare in mid-Missouri – we have links below for you to follow us on your favorite social media platform.

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